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Posted 08 November 2012 - 10:13 am

Okay so its not particularly a game thing

but i cant help but feel that in some ways mmo gamers and even gamers in general get a hard time in the reputation and public opinion stakes ..... from young until dinosaur , and i cant help but feel that's unfair a little

We get type cast as wasters , lazy keyboard warriors , social miscreants and many other things , and although in most of these type casts it is true for me , a lot of the gaming community is different , i remember when younger being told to get my head out of games , will never do anything , stop living in the clouds .... well frankly i find in a lot of situations being in that "cloud" whether it be the escapism of the old pen and paper rpg's to the newer digital age of eve online and wow it cannot be denied that millions of people worldwide like to escape a little from drudgery of everyday life into games , whether for social reasons , gaming reasons , or just to be a bad tempered goon with a love of breaking other peoples stuff because you want to blow off some steam....

In many cases people are professionals , and at the top ed of almost every game are some very dedicated , high acheiving people normally about as far as you can get from the type casts normally associated ....

So i got to thinking where else is the typecast broke , could you influence the real world from the make believe of the digital , not talking the simple interactions between two players and friends ... but to communities and crisises (crisies crisisistical happenings i dont know lol something like that) , after all the gaming community itself is worldwide , people from different cultures,countries and ethnicities that would ever meet or get to know one another do regularly , we share life stories and problems with people we have never met , talk about politics , Issues local to us and abroad , often discovering things we thought were true are in fact not and vice versa . The scope if you can get over that one little stigma of being in make believe land could be phenomenal or a word slightly different probably spelled better ... Gamers after all are a global community and at least on-line free of some of the problems the physical world brings , may not be possible to change the world lol but am pretty sure is a scope for at least trying to make bits of it better or more comfortable on a global basis , unlocalised , maybe through education and interactive experiences , for example team building , accounting (for some games) , hands on business experience , tactical and out of the box thinking , as well as the sharing of ideas and skills is so much scope for it and yet it feels sometimes that people don't realise this or set it as one of them dreamers ideals that could never happen ....

But i spend half my life dreaming and i cant help but ask what if ?

Anyway thought would share with you all my rambling of thoughts on the subject look forward to any input

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 12:58 am

Its always good to share, I was told the same about computers being bad for you. Yet most companies these days use computers for all types of things, if we hadn't used them for games we wouldn't be so good at using them now

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