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I use a nice addon to Firefox called web of trust, it's free and very useful. It basically gives you a traffic light system next to the URL Addy box on your browser, red is for a bad site, green is for a safe site.


On top of this you can read the reports other uses have given about the websites before you enter them, that way your fully informed on the decision your making, before you enter a website. If you register with them you can also rate the sites you visit and help others to know which sites can be trusted.


I have registered with them and also registered Wolfie's Whine's Community with them as well, so if you could join them and rate the Community that would be great. :)  Of course thats not the main reason, I'm telling you about this so you can all be safer in your web browsing.


Here's the link to the Firefox addon  LINKY




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