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Here is the start of OUR Goverment taking away our privacy, no longer will they need a legal reason to see who you were calling or messaging. What have I done to deserve having my calls and messages logged? Answer is nothing but we are all classed as guilty now and treated as such, we wont have to prove ourselves innocent as they will already have the evidence. This means they can track wether or not people on JSA actually call Compines for interviews, and thats just one idea where this will be abused by the goverment.


Reading furthur down the news article they want by the end of 2015 to list every website you visit. Why do the goverment need to know what websites I go too. They could just ban and remove the ones that break the law. Instead they want to see what we visit so they can decide if we are going to be a dangour in the future to the "Martial Law" and "New World Order" they intend for us to join.


I've told you before that the Goverment was reducing our freedom and he is a perfect example.







Emergency powers to ensure police and security services can continue to access phone and internet records are being rushed through Parliament.

Prime Minister David Cameron has secured the backing of all three main parties for the highly unusual move.

He said urgent action was needed to protect the public from "criminals and terrorists" after the European Court of Justice struck down existing powers.


But civil liberties campaigners have warned it will invade people's privacy.


Mr Cameron defended the move in a joint news conference with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, saying it was about maintaining existing capabilities - not introducing new snooping laws.

But it will make legally clear the requirements include companies based abroad, whose phone and internet services are used in the UK. A former senior diplomat will also be appointed to work with other nations to speed up the "lawful and justified" transfer of data across borders.


What is the emergency legislation?

The legislation is primarily aimed at the companies that provide us with telephone and internet connections. It outlines their legal obligation to retain "communications data" on their customers. This metadata includes things like logs of when calls were made, what numbers were dialled, and other information that can be used, the government says, in investigations. It does not include the content of the communications.


Will it mean the government can listen in to my calls?

Not exactly. The vast majority of people will only have data collected on things such as the time a call is made and the number that was called - not the actual contents of that communication. But the emergency law does go further - the law reinforces the ability of authorities to carry out what is known as a "legal intercept". This is when a target is identified for additional monitoring - including listening in to phone calls and other communications.


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they ban this site and there will be uproar, they can read my messages if they like i only send a few threatning ones a day !!

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