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Meta Title Tag Modification


This guide will show you how to alter the meta tags for your databases in IP.Content to a better format then how they are in their standard format.
Open your conf_global.php file and add this before ?>.
define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_HOME', '' );

define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_CAT', '' );

define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_RECORD', '' );

define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_LIST', '' );
When you have done this, you need to add the variables, this will generate your page title. As you have seen on the page I showed you, you get these options.

// {page_name} = Page name
// {database_name} = Databae name
// {category_name} = Category name (only available for CCS_PAGE_TITLE_CAT and CCS_PAGE_TITLE_RECORD)
// {record_name} = Record name (only available for CCS_PAGE_TITLE_RECORD)
// {website_name} = Website name as configured in ACP
// {board_name} = Board name as configured in ACP

I wanted my page titles to look like this.

Page: Page Name - Board Name
Article: Article Title - Category Name - Board Name
Category: Category Name - Page Name - Board Name

And this is how I did it.
define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_HOME', '{page_name} - {board_name}' );

define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_CAT', '{category_name} - {page_name} - {board_name}' );

define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_RECORD', '{record_name} - {category_name} - {board_name}' );

define( 'CCS_PAGE_TITLE_LIST', '{page_name} - {category_name} - {board_name}' );
This was another useful topic from the IPS website, again thanks to those in the topic for this information.


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