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  1. Happy Birthday Nifty may there be many more
  2. Happy 2014 to you all

  3. up date, all 12 trees up

  4. All 6 christmas trees up

  5. looks like it is an ancient bear after all
  6. it is a usefull tool, lets you know whats good and whats not
  7. Lol this site gets an unknown rating
  8. works now thank you
  9. slight problem, firefox stopped me from downloading this
  10. looks ok to me and simple to use (I hope)
  11. feel free to kick off any time you want to xx
  12. yes but I know who you are so why annonnymouse? lol
  13. you will work out why I have answered this in this way
  14. Y --- Why does no one else play?
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