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  1. they ban this site and there will be uproar, they can read my messages if they like i only send a few threatning ones a day !!
  2. Food and a movie

  3. Best quote of the day under all this fat is a six pack,

  4. Washing out on the line to dry cake in the oven, now time to sort the pasties for the boys in foothold :)

  5. :) so frigging happy :) :)

  6. Life is like a bed of roses... gotta watch out for the pricks!

  7. I guess summer is over then :(

  8. right then best move my butt and get things sorted still not packed or showered oooooops

  9. Bed time hell yes :) xxx

  10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. The sun has got it`s hat on :)

  12. It is Sunday... I'm beginning to smell the funky stench of Monday in the air!

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