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Welcome To Wolfie's Whine's

Hello and welcome to the website!

Here you will find a small close community. We have been around since 2006 and have changed a lot in those years. Recently we underwent a makeover and reset all the forums, so here we are in the middle of 2012 starting again. We are hoping to entice new members to join our community (Shameless Plug) and make it a bigger better place then it is now!

What are we about and what do we get up to on the website? That's got to be the question you want answering next!

Well we mainly laugh and joke, play on-line games together and generally just chat on the forum about anything that comes to mind. As with any community we have wide ranging interests and discuss them between ourselves. We also write tutorials for various things from correct way to post on forums to guides to alter forum software to make it look better. Around here on the website we like to think that we can discuss anything and have things that will interest most people no matter what walk of life they are.

We boast our own "Flash Games Arcade" for members to play and win at with an automatic scoring system to see how you do against the other members. Of course we have the forums for discussing any topics/subjects that spring to mind, but we also enjoy the use of a "chat-box" for chatting to other members in "real time"!

This is not the total sum of the website but a small look into what we have to offer for people thinking of becoming members. We do have rules but find that with the relaxed atmosphere in the forums we haven't really had to enforce them often.

So where do we see the website going. This is a question that has been asked a lot and to be honest the website will be around for a long time to come due to the owner (NiftyWolfie) liking to run a community for others to enjoy. Of course we want to prosper and get bigger with more active members and a lot more content for people to find and enjoy. On this note you will find a lot of personal pages from NiftyWolfie talking about his various "pursuits/hobbies" he enjoys and wants to share with a wider audience

We hope now that your here that you will take the time to explore the website and join the community, we are looking forward to having new members and new topics to discuss and who knows were in the future we might end up as a community.

Many Thanks

Wolfie's Whine's Staff
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