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Third Big Cat Experience

At the time of my third experience I was living in Rugeley and working in Milford, I was doing night shift work at the time and used a push bike to get back and forth to work. I worked 5 nights a week and did the same journey every-night, so when something out the ordinary happened it stuck out in my mind.

The start of my journey happened same as it always did nothing exciting, until I went past The Wolseley Arms Pub and was traveling to-wards Shugborough Hall on the A513. On the left of the road is a wooded area that sloops up away from the road, I've often seen deer in this area as I've gone past. I've marked the route in blue that I took on the map below, the route runs from right to left starting at Woseley Bridge as that was the direction I was traveling.

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The area is mostly unlit and pretty dark along the road, as I went past the area I heard a commotion from the verge area next to me. I thought at the time I might have startled some Deer that was grazing close to the road.

After a few hundred yards I could hear the sound of something moving parallel to me as I moved up the road, but it didn't sound like it was next to me more like it was the other side of a hedge. At this point I decided to speed leave the area asap, but the noise matched my speed and kept up with me, I thought that maybe someone was having a joke on my behalf. I expected it to stop once we came out of the forest and the ground to my left gave way to grassy areas, once we was out onto the grassy area I couldn't see anything there and the noise stopped.

However once we were back into the trees the noise resumed only stopping once we came to open ground or a house next to the road. As we came around a bend we was heading to-wards a Dog Boarding Kennels, where they also breed Boxer dogs, I remember as I was coming to-wards the property that the noise the dogs was making was loud for that time of night and not normally something I would hear. The dogs would bark as I went past but this time they was barking before I got to the house. Once I had gone past the Dogs I didn't hear the noise again and the final part of my journey went quietly.

I was pretty sure I could ride a bike faster then most people can run while being hindered by the trees/bushes. The area the noise came from was very different as you go along the road, not to mention having to go around some property's. Even to know it has me baffled as this was the most bizarre and scary thing that had happened to me over Cannock Chase. Apart from the noise there was nothing else that happened, no sighting of it, nothing, which I think looking back at it made it all the worst cause if something had happened I would be able to explain it away or rationalize it. In the dark and on your own the imagination can think of lots of things and not all of them sensible due to lack of evidence to base anything on.

A few days to a week later I left work and used a short-cut through the forest to save some time. As I was going through the forest down to-wards the main road, I came across a tree that had pieces of bark missing and claw marks on it. The highest claw marks stood at about 5 - 6 ft high. You couldn't miss the marks as you traveled down the path they was that evident. The spread of the claws was about as big as a man's hands and a good centimeter deep, unfortunately as I had just left work after a 12 hour shift I didn't have a camera with me and was too tired to travel another 14 miles to get one.

I decided to get some picture after my shift that night, so took my camera with me however when I checked the area after my shift, I found that the bark had be cut away destroying any evidence. This was the last straw for me, strange noises/claw marks in trees and then the evidence being removed. Something was there and it was being covered up. I no longer felt safe push biking to work in the dark and got myself a motorbike to use for the journeys.

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