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Arma 2

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Arma 2 is a recent addition to the games we play it is a first person tactical shooter. It is a very involved game and very realistic. Its a game that does take skill and control to play. If you go in shooting chances are you'll get cut to pieces, its a much better game when played tactically and stealthy. Playing as a sniper gives you great achievements however it has its downside cause as soon as you are spotted,, the enemy comes after you and is very good at trying to flank you. In this game there is also tanks, cars and helicopters to use but be warned they get used by the enemy as well.


There is a lot of modifications for it that improve basic game play. It makes the impressive game play even better. Just a quick search online will point you in the direction of the modifications. I have added about 20 modifications to Arma 2 to improve the basics and all work to make the game much more realistic to play.


Making maps is also fun as there is the ability to make every group of enemy's random and have them patrol in random directions. I have made a few maps myself and they seem to work pretty well again I will be spending more time making maps.

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