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Ghosts/Spirits do they exist, if they do where do they come from or go to. For me I believe Ghosts/Spirits exist, on a more important note I also believe that everyone who believes in "God", no matter what the religion, by default already believes in ghosts/Spirits. How do I get to that conclusion you ask? Its easy they are Spirits/Ghosts that according to sources have appeared to "Disciples/Prophets" and gave them instructions and guidance. To my way of thinking that sounds just like a lot of the experiences many others have reported to have had with Ghosts/Spirits. This is something I never see mentioned at all in the programs I watch, I've seen mention of Demons and Evil Spirits but no-one has yet to be possessed by a "Angel" or "Good Spirit". Could it be due to the nature of good spirits they are even rarer to find due to the things they do being helpful hence no "sigma" is associated with it.

On television these days we see alot of programs about Ghost hunting and the Paranormal. I feel this is giving the same impression to people that Jaws did with Sharks, its showing Ghosts/Spirits in the wrong way and this is leading to people being prejudiced towards Ghosts/Spirits before anything happens. Do all these "happenings" on the program's ever get checked out by the scientific world for authentication.

What prove do we need, we can get recordings/images and even videos showing strange unexplained events. So why is this not prove enough or are the scientists saying that all these programs and strange events are hoaxes and we are being lied to. Could it be a cover up by agencies to conceal what they are doing with radio waves. Do the scientists expect us to provide them with a body of a Ghost/Spirit? So many questions requiring so many answers, yet for myself belief comes easy, I think it does to many people that open their minds to what is going on around them.

After watching lots of different Ghost television programs I have come to believe they exaggerate things that happen. I would rather see the unedited version to hear the arguments over the noises they heard or the shadows they have seen. Not for the first time have I read on the Internet about parts being cut from shows cause it through doubt onto what had happened. Only by these shows showing us the whole picture can the general public even begin to see what's out there.

I have so many questions that I would want answering that its difficult to know where to begin getting the answers. Do strange things happen .... answer is yes .... can they be explained .... some can/some can't and this is where the confusion begins I myself have recorded strange goings on in my own home's with different people as witnesses. In both causes someone could point to the evidence and say oh that's easy to replicate must be fake, yet to those of us there, we KNOW, we SAW and are 100% certain that noting was faked. Unfortunately so many fake report's/evidence have meant that most things now are discounted. CGI graphics is at a point now where its easy to fake videos/images, that's great if you know what your doing but what about the average person? Have they got what it takes to fake the videos/images, could they even afford the equipment/software to do it? I don't think the average person does or could even be bothered to go to that sort of hassle just to create a hoax, not when they get the real thing for free.

We haven't yet worked out or seen every part of our world, let alone got to the point where we know everything that can/could be done in our "relativity". Who's got the prove to say 100% that there isn't Ghosts/Spirits, I don't think anyone does. For sure going into somewhere pre-disposed that something "Paranormal" will happen does encroach on how you think and react to different things. Go out after dark into some wood's see how scary it looks and feels, if your used to the woods after dark it won't make any difference to you. The same thing would apply entering somewhere you think is haunted, used to Ghosts/Spirits your less likely to notice them, its a matter of perception.

For me I believe, having seen things and felt things that have over the years shown me that Ghosts/Spirits do exist. How do I deal with it? I carry on as normal, its not a big thing, maybe they are just going around doing their day to day thing, who knows. Until the time one hurts me I am content to let them share my space in peace, maybe that's why I have no problems with them, cause we live in peace and harmony.

While here be sure to read this Story here from a friend of mine on the subject of ghost's/spirits.

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