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  • Colour Codes


    In order to color text you basically just follow the example below.

    • You type the brackets [ ] with the word color= inside
    • Within the brackets after the = sign you add the color you want (EX.1)
    • After the bracket ] you type in the text you want to be colored
    • At the end of the text you want colored you put another set of brackets like this [/color]
    Ex.1 : [color=]
    Ex.2 : [color=blue] Hi There, have a nice day
    Ex.3 : [color=blue] Hi There, have a nice day [/color]

    Which will look like this : Hi There, have a nice day

    Not all colors use a word you can also use a color code like so #356217. Just replace the word with the number including the hash tag at front.

    Click on this link to be taken to a color chart with plenty of different color choices on for you to use.

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