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  • Stop Automatic Redirection To Upgrader


    Sometimes you may encounter errors with your board and need to get into the Admin CP to fix it, but when you attempt to do so it automatically redirects you to IP.Board's application upgrade page. It does this when it detects that an application has files uploaded which are for a more recent version of the application than you have installed. While this may be clever in that it tries to make sure you are upgraded, it can lead to issues whereby you need to get into the Admin CP for other issues, such as to fix problems which occur when you do run the upgrader.

    To prevent IP.Board from automatically sending you to this upgrade page, edit your forum's conf_global.php file (or constants.php if you use that) and add this line into that file:

    define( 'SKIP_UPGRADE_CHECK', 1 );

    Then save and upload that file. This will override the code that forces you into the upgrade page, and will let you access the Admin CP normally.

    Posted By Michael on Invision Focus Website Nov 2012

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