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Open Carry Gun Law

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In some states in America its law to be able to carry certain firearms in public places. Now on youtube we are starting to see a lot of video's of people carrying guns and being stopped by the police and them being questioned.


These people wonder why when carrying semi-auto rifles in public they get stopped, why keep going out trying to get the police annoyed I mean how stupid! I can understand carrying a hand gun/pistol but again you gotta expect to be stopped by the police.


On the other hand if the police spent as much time catching illegal carriers of guns as they do stopping the legal ones there wouldn't be a gun problem in America.




Now here is a good video, why does he not just put it under his jacket, no one would know he had it and they wouldn't get worried and call the police. Maybe his license doesn't allow him to conceal a weapon, in which case thats the laws fault not his fault.


I find most of it amusing seeing how many people are out there hassling the police over the gun laws, with the amount of gun related crime in America anyone with a gun is gonna be considered "a threat", i would think.


My amusing thought for today!

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