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Mains Water Is Killing You

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So I happened to be going around on you-tube and I cam across the following video. Now this is all about "Syria's" nerve gas attack and the USA wanting to go in and bomb them.

In the video you can see alot of news papers saying that 2 different types of "fluoride" sold by England to Syria is actually a nerve gas and as such we the English helped to perpetrate the bombing.


As I was watching this the guy mentioned that the sodium fluoride that was sent by england and mentioned in the news articles is actually the same as the fluoride that all governments put into our mains tap water. So according to the USA government we are all being poisoned and its actually real. I'm horrified and unsure what to do except keep my eyes open and see what the rest of the week brings. The video even shows the same stuff showing up in BABY's water thats is bought of the store selves. This is not something to ignore, you gotta listen and learn before its too late



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