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Thats how I feel all the time, why when I have done nothing wrong, does someone go out of their way to try and hurt me. After over 5 years you would think people would be able to put away their fears and move on. Doesn't seem that way in my life. It seems as if they are afraid I'm going to take everything they love and remove it from them, but thats wasn't the case until now.


Upto now I've been nice and caring, but thats going to stop. I'm going to take away what they love and I'm going to do it by showing them they should have paid attention years ago. Should never say anything to someone unless you know its not going to get back to them. Their own words will be their downfall no matter how hard they try, its going to be funny to watch them lose the ones they tried so hard to keep away from me.


So for know I hurt but with great family and friends around I manage to get by, just a shame anything I say on my accounts gets sent to the police, yes thats why I'm quiet anything I *might* type they send to the police crying they don't like it. Its a shame the police aren't interested though otherwise it would be a great move to make. No doubt they will attempt to use this post against me ...... except for that to happen they would have willingly have to had come looking for it which means any complaints ..... well you can **** right off, can't complain about something you had to track down lol!


Anyway, more of these to come as it might be a good idea to let of steam this way!


Yours truly

An Anonymous Poster! xD

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