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Sasquatch Images

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The following is a vidio of still images took by a timbergaintbigfoot, I've been following him on youtube for a few years now as he looks for sasquatch.

It seems his hard work has paid off as these images seem very real and to be honest I don't think he's likely to have faked them.

Watch the video and see for yourselves, he says he will be posting another video soon of the entire encounter which I will also post on here for you to look at.






Link to his main youtube page

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Today timbergaintbigfoot released his video of him seeing the "sasquatch" from the previous still images he had taken and I have posted a video of in the post above. Here is timbergaintbigfoot's infor about the video



Published on Sep 22, 2013

This is what I found making knocking and stone clacking sounds . It turns out to be not a bird or other small animal but rather a bipedal hair covered being . It's size, is about 500lbs and about 7 ft tall .

The being you see in this video was recorded in a small ravine , apparently sitting on a log eating nuts and wild fruit . I estimate that I was about four feet higher than the creature .

I first filmed then did a loud wood knock , upon hearing the wood knock the creature first sat up , paused then stood up and walked off to the left of my position , about one hundred and twenty feet ahead of me .

Upon reflection on the chain of events , I'm certain that this individual both heard me earlier and knew of my presence and possibly my location directly behind it .

When the creature left the area it made an exhale that is heard on the video .It left smoothly , quietly, and quickly but did not run or even seem alarmed . Some dogs are heard barking shortly after it's departing , I'm left wondering if they are then encountering the creature leaving the area . ? Or is the creature making the sounds ?

The remnants of it's activities there were left behind . They indicate that creature was eating nuts and fruit gathered from the surrounding forest I would assume . There were several nuts ,and wild apples and a snail there on the ground along with some small twigs broken into short lengths .

I've returned to the area several times and did not notice any obvious signs of it's return , however it's return is not ruled out . I have decided to not frequent the spot any longer as this would become predictable and the creature would likely stay away.

I believe that it's only a matter of time before I encounter this Forest Man again in his environment and on his or her terms . I only hope that I'm able to stay quiet , still ,and have the camera focused on the target .

I look at this event as a learning situation , and absolute documentation of what I have seen here several times over the years .



Now he has asked on his video for it not to be copied without his permission so I am only going to post the link to his video at moment rather then post the video on here.



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