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Hmm, The Start Of A New Week

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I thought i would start a new topic each week for us to use as a general chat topic, save using other topics just to chat with each other.


If we give this a go and it works then great if it doesn't then not to worry we can try something else.


Having a hard time deciding what to do next on the site, we have a new software update to do but I'm putting it off till after the new year as that's when I pay to update the software.


Also trying to decide which tutorial/article mod to use and if I do use one what topics to cover in that area of the forum. I also have a new sidebar box I'm looking into along the lines of showing phases of the moon. I have been trying to drum up some new members using our facebook page but its not really getting us new members but on a good side we have over the last two months started to get a rise in the number of people that the facebook page is reaching.

Might not sound like much but in two months we have gone from reaching 5 people to hitting around 65 a couple of weeks ago which was an all time high for us.


I do believe that we can add "tags" to our forum topics we use and I'd be grateful if you could look into the tags when making topics and try to use it as it might help us to target more people that are looking for the same sort of talking points.


Hopefully thats enough talking points to start us off with this week :)

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