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Facebook To Sell Customers Rights

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What a world we live in, social networks now the mainstay of the internet and what do we find?


The most used and easy to spot social network is now looking at how they can take away your rights to anything you post on their site. Only tonight have I had to go through all my privacy settings making sure that only the info I want is actually visible to anyone. For many of you, you may feel that Facebook security is just a case of sorting the main settings, but under the easy settings as you travel deeper in to the security/privacy settings, I came across a setting asking for my permission to allow facebook to sell my "info" to advertisers so they can tailor adverts to me and my friends based on the things you put onto your profile and the apps/pages you visit on Facebook.


Make no mistake Facebook is only after money, nothing else, as most Facebook users pay nothing for the game's they play, Facebook relies on selling advertising space to shops. Only for those people like myself that use browsers with a advert blocker we don't see the advert and the shops know this, so to make up the shortfall Facebook are looking to sell all the info they hold on you to better serve adverts to you and your fiends hoping to make a sale to keep Facebook going.


Myself I find this unwanted and a breach of my privacy, I have already started to reduce the amount of sites I visit straight from Facebook and all the apps I use are under very tight control and only the posts I want are made public everything else is under my control, I have said no to sharing my info with advertisers and suggest you do the same.


On the same note I have noticed more and more sites that seem to be using tracking cookies to increase how much money they make of a website. This is why I am suggesting to all my website members to check their Facebook settings and restrict what info Facebook can give out about you. I would personally set most info things to friends only and then all apps to friends of friends if games and to "me only" for anything else. Look for the selling settings and click "NO" now before its to late and facebook sell your info. Try if you can to get a printed or emailed copy sent to you so you have it ready for when Facebook sell your info.


Here is a quote of mine from Facebook


Everyone needs to review their security/privacy settings .... section in there about who facebook can sell your information too, IF THEY DECIDE, they are going to sell it. Don't give facebook a chance to sell your info to anyone, get it blocked ASAP.



Below are some links to news articles showing more info on this subject.











Hope this information helps you to make a good choice.

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