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Our hosting company are upgrading the server we run on to a higher specification, along with newer software for everything to run on.

This will mean that the community will be off-line for at least 12 hours on the 17 January. I have put this upgrade back by 6 months with the hosting company and I have finally run out of older servers to be put on so we have to have this downtime.


Sorry for the hassles it will cause but there's nothing I can do, its outta my control.



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Hopefully, nothing will alter score/forum wise. I don't if the forum will work after the update or not, but I do have a new version of the forum to update to anyway. So if there are any problems I'll do the forum software update and then turn the forum back on. I fully expect it all to work after the move, just wanted to let you guys now its happening safe you from worrying over it being offline.

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