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Time Travel - Is It Possible

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I was as normal going through you-tube looking at unexplained/bigfoot videos and generally just randomly watching interesting looking videos as they came along when I came across a video that caught my attention and I thought it would be good to show you lot!





Now I'm not sure how to interpret this video, on face value going into a cupboard and being transported to the future is weird. Why a cupboard, surely a closet or something similar would be a better thing to use. So for me this is a "ok" not sure what to believe. Then the video of him and his "dad" together while is good move to do and the tattoos are the same, you have a hard time seeing any details of the older man's face or indeed hearing him talk. I also didn't hear the older version of "himself" give any details of future events that we could confirm in the forthcoming future to proof it was real. Its a short video and does capture the imagination but to be honest would be easy enough to stage to be a hoax for me.

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