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Hacking Attempt

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Yesterday (23/1/2013) we suffered a serious hacking attempt from someone, first of all they tried to brute force their way into the forum and overloaded the computer processor running the website and then they tried to max the ram memory we are allocated out. Both of these were easy fixes and are now sorted by blocking the IP addys of those involved.


At the same time as this someone actually broke into our website files .... How I do not know, YET, but its being worked on. No data was from the database was affected so everyone's accounts are fine. I just happened to be here when it was done. As soon as we realized what was going on I denied access to the website for everyone stopping the hacking attempt dead.


Due to the way the hacking attempt was done and the security in place they were able to alter one file and this was altered in wrong place, they also added one file. Again due to the security we run here this file was unable to be run. I have now almost completed looking through over 15 000 files making sure they are not infected with anything.


I'm just sorry that I had to take the website down for most of yesterday while we sorted out and banned the IP's trying to hack the website. If you come to the website and it trys to link or send you to another site or any error messages pls let me know by messenger or email as I'm tweaking the security settings higher and I'm unsure if it will cause any problems.


Many thanks



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