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Battlefield 2

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Battlefield 2 is a first person shooting game. There's not alot of finesse involved in this game, It involves 2 teams and a shoot-out to see who can score the most kills. You have a choice of player types and weapons. During the game the idea is to either complete kill the other team or to take control of flags, once you control all the flags you need to go on the defensive to stop the other team gaining them. There are even vehicles to use, tanks/planes/cars/choppers. Its a very fast paced game and taking your eyes from the target can get you quickly killed, luckily you respawn until your team is out of spawn points/life. This is a game where you can't really take a single role and make it work you have to adapt yourself to the situation and play as what role you need to to get the job sorted.


There is alot of add-ons for this game and maps. Some of which make the game better others just don't really add anything. Try some of them out you'll be surprised. one thing I will say is make sure you dominate the air. A chopper can take lots of people out and has often turned a game for us from a bad defeat into a marginal win!

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