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A hugely popular and successful on-line game hosted and run by Everbong, it is a very active game that you can play every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a round based game and each round is roughly 4 weeks to a month long. The game is very active at times and does require a good deal of time, however played right you can alter this and prepare to defend. You get a choice of 4 races and each race has a bonus, this makes choosing who to play important compared to how much time you can devote to the game. At first it might seem daunting but after a few weeks you will get into it and begin to feel confident.


There are always players there to help you learn(look for the {trainer} marker in blue to see those that teach and help).


I myself play this game although it has dropped off the last year as I have been busy in real life, but I have picked it back up and going to give it another bash. As at times it can be great to get involved in one of the 'guilds' there and play as a part of a larger army adhering to your commanders wishes. This then brings another element into the game, as proper coordination can bring victory or defeat! Each round is different so you never have two rounds the same, its very much a game to play anywhere as its browser based rather then computer based.


There is also a single player version of Waromen that again is based on four races but in this version you can't play in a 'guild' is all about you!


Here's links to the game


Waromen Solo Game Play




Please take the time to register there and play a few rounds as I'm sure you will become addicted to playing it if you give it a chance!

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