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Guildwars Nightfall

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Guild Wars Nightfall is a first person sword and sorcery style role playing game. With this you have to create a character and do level based maps, but with this game as its also online it has the ability to have immense levels and lots of different areas to explore and play through. To play however requires an account and signing into their servers all the time. Every area you go to requires a download of data to enable you to play.


As you can imagine this slows the switch between areas down slightly not to mention depending on your ISP could put you over your monthly bandwidth limit. This put us off slightly as we used to get drop outs and ended up on different servers even though we was doing the same area and quest. Its been a while since we played it so they might have sorted the server issues out and I have seen some more GuildWars games out now, they might very well have sorted the problems out.


HornedRat and myself had a go at playing this for a few months and even got as far as creating our own guild inside the game. Hence where the 'Nifty Ones Guild' comes from as this was what we called ourselves in the game. In a change of pace here I went on the offensive with a mean broody fighter style character, more involved in getting in close with big hand weapons to hammer on the opponents. While HornedRat showed his softer (yer right!) style playing as a ranger/monk providing cover fire/sniping shots to bring the enemy's down as I closed with them or just to distract them! He also provided healing spells and basic magic!

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