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Rainbow Six

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Rainbow Six. What a game started in 1998 and has finished with Vegas 2 in 2008 a game spanning a decade! This is a first person tactical shooter one of the first games that actually made you think about tactics. You have to play this game to get a proper feel for it. I have played it for years and count myself somewhat good at the game. I end up these days playing Vegas 2 more then anything else as the AI in it is very good at its job. Myself and HornedRat have played the game many times often playing maps 3-4 times a night, as a result of this we play it less often now as it got boring. I take the role of Close Fire Support, often opting to carry a Light Machine Gun for brute suppression fire-power backed up by a Sub-machine gun for room to room encounters. HornedRat is the sniper in the group either using a Sniper rifle or a Scoped Assault rifle, he is also the expert at grenade throwing! His choice of backup weapon always depends on his first weapon so its either an assault rifle or an sub machine gun.


If you are into first person shooters then this is a game you must own! Even if its only the last 2 games you buy Vegas and Vegas 2!

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