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Bigfoot Or Big Cat On Cannock Chase?

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IT didn't come as a surprise to anyone in Cannock that the Georgia Bigfoot turned out to be a hoax... after all the yeti has been living happily on Cannock Chase for years - or has he?

Experts have backed claims that the infamous Cannock Bigfoot, spotted with increasing regularity could, infact, be a big cat in our midst.

Last week leading wildlife expert Derek Crawley, chairman of Staffordshire Mammal Group, told locals, who were convinced they had seen a Sasquatch-type creature roaming the beauty spot, they may have actually had a close encounter with a black panther.

Mr Crawley said ramblers over the forestland could have spied a big cat lounging in the trees and mistakenly taken branches for arms.

And this week famed X-Files reporter Nick Redfern contacted us from Texas to support the theory.

The paranormal expert said he had investigated many big cat sightings over the Chase and backed-up Mr Crawley's suggestion that the 'blazing red eyes' of the creature could have been those of a big cat.

He said: "There is definitely something weird going on and the theory that some of them could be big cats in trees is a genuinely interesting one.

"I've investigated quite a few big cat encounters on the Chase."

Nick plans to investigate the Chase throughly later this year in preparation for a book he intends to pen on the mysterious forestland.

Suspicions were aroused when Mr Crawley told The Cannock Chase Post the sightings could have been a big cat.

"From the reports it would seem too big to be an escaped ape," Mr Crawley said.

"A lot of people seem to be saying it has red, staring eyes. It may be a big cat in a tree. The person who saw it may have been confused and mistaken the branches for arms."

Meanwhile at The Post the eye-witness reports are continuing to roll in.

Possibly the most disturbing sighting of all comes from Mark Henderson. He writes: "Both my partner and I were so petrified we left the dogging spot in question and haven't returned since.

"My partner simply wouldn't have that animal in our Ford Cortina. She hates beards."


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This was interesting read when it was first published and has been referenced too several times in documentary's. This article was from 21-08-2008

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