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More Sightings Of 'big Cat' On Cannock Chase

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Yet more sightings of the Beast of Cannock Chase have rolled into, with more residents reporting a close encounter with the big cat.

This week startled Chasefolk said they have seen the animal, believed to be a panther, moving closer to the town.

This week people have said they had spied the oversized-feline near to Pottal Pool, Huntington.

Shocked IT consultant Barry Myers says he spotted the beast while driving through the Chase towards Rugeley.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first,” Barry said.

“I had to look twice to make sure it was not my eyes playing tricks on me.

“There was a large animal moving in the undergrowth. I slowed down to get a better look, but it seemed to disappear in the bracken.

“But then I saw it moving through the bracken in the distance.

“I don’t know what it was, but it was larger than a cat and was not a deer.

“It seemed long and low to the ground.”

Ramona Rogers also spotted the beast while driving near Rawnsley.

The 56-year-old had a close encounter with the cat when it darted out in the front of her in the middle of the road.

“I just could not believe what I was seeing,” Ramona said.

“It just darted out in front of me while I was driving.

“I was terrified. It just looked like one of those wild cats from the zoo.

“The main thing that struck me about it was the length of the cat’s tail.

“It was nearly as long as the animal itself - I know that sounds crazy, but that is really what struck me the most about it.It also looked really well-fed.

“It moved so steadily and smoothly.

“I know people will think I am crazy, but I know what I saw.”

Ramona is concerned about the close proximity of the latest sighting to urban areas.

“It seems to be getting closer to people,” she said.

“It did not seem to frightened by cars.”


Article Link from 07-09-2008


Link anything the more they around something the more used and unafraid they become

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