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Owner Of Haunted Cannock Pub Calls For Investigation Into Ufo Activity In Area

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The owners of a pub plagued by ghostly goings-on are set to call in investigators in a bid to discover why the venue is a hotspot for paranormal activity.

Paul Donnor, owner of the Park Gate Inn, Cannock Wood, is considering calling in the ghostbusters after a spate of unexplained occurrences.

Ghostly figures, floating orbs and inexplicable temperature changes have been reported by staff and visitors to the pub - parts of which date back to the 1600s.

Paul said: “I’ve experienced many things at the pub which cannot be explained.

“It is notoriously paranormal and renowned around here for being haunted. We are considering holding a paranormal evening later in the year with investigators to see what we can find out.”

Paul believes the unexplained goings-on could be linked to the death of a former landlady in 1969.

But locals believe the pub’s proximity to iron age hill fort Castle Ring could be the real reason for the spate of paranormal activity.

In the village of Cannock Wood, Castle Ring is the most ancient and historic feature of Cannock Chase.

It stands at the highest point of the Chase and commands a glorious landscape view.

The Park Gate Inn is just 500 yards from Castle Ring - widely believed to be one of the most mystical places in the Midlands.

Sue Penton, of Paranormal Awakening, said: “There have been reports of strange music being heard up there.

“It is such a high place there have been lots of UFO sightings there too.”

A member of Staffordshire UFO Group, said: “Obviously, Castle Ring is the highest point on Cannock Chase which makes it a good place for UFO spotting. There have been numerous incidents of UFOs, which could be because you are more likely to see something from a high point.

“There have been reports of something landing there in the 1960s. From a research point of view, there are a high number of reports around ancient sites. One argument could be that ancient sites have been located there because of the incidents of UFOs and natural phenomenon. There could be locations where there could be magnetic influences in the ground which have been attributed to earth lights.

“People explain UFOs as structured craft and that has been associated with Castle Ring in the past. There has been a lot of activity around that area.”

Visitors to Castle Ring have also reported sightings of a Bigfoot-type creature roaming the land.

In 2005, businessman Alec Williams was driving home from a meeting in Rugeley across the Chase and near to Castle Ring.

He witnessed a large, hairy creature lumber across the road and into the trees. The incident lasted around eight seconds.

In 2009, the historic monument was awarded a Green Flag, the first natural green space to achieve the prestigious award.


Article Link from 13-01-2010


An interesting read, I have been up to Castle Ring myself and to be honest its open with a good view but the surrounding trees are dense and you can't see much once its back into the tree line. There is a definite feeling to Castle Ring like your intruding and someone is watching you.

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