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Paranormal Live

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Sat and watched Paranormal Live on Living TV. This is the program that has replaced "Most Haunted".


Teams entered the castle tonight not really knowing anything about the location. One team (of 4) was a "spiritual" group while the other was a "scientific" group. Both groups went about doing various things in different areas but never seemed to be able to do anything correctly.


The experiments weren't done right and they didn't really seem to know what they was/should be doing and to me it seemed like they was making things up as they went along! One rather weird fact was the "scientific" group having more luck then the "Spiritual" group, but even this meant the program ended early with them filling in for a few mins at the end.


All in all it was a waste of a good 3 hours! If It is on again I wont be wasting my time watching it. They had webcams online to watch but these were of a poor quality and left a lot to be desired. They have both a twitter account and facebook account but both of these seemed to be being hit by people complaining about the program rather then any actual content.


So to round it off, you missed nothing and wont be sorry to have missed it. If you intended to watch it, don't bother it will boor you to tears!

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