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Neverwinter Nights

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NeverWinter Nights is an older game, released in 2002, that is a character based role Playing Game, while not having fancy graphics it does have a decent story line and lots of playability. That is based on Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms rules! The game begins with you creating your own character. This is easy to do and depending on the style of gameplay you like will alter the choices you make. Myself I took a 'in your face' fighter role, getting in quick to hammer at my foes with a sword!


After you have created you character and gone through the short 'tutorial' you are in the city of 'NeverWinter' and have to stop a plague. This is accomplished by collecting four monsters while avoiding a cult trying to assassinate you. You have the help of numerous Non Player Characters as you progress through the game. As the cure is being made it is stolen leading you on another mission to capture the cure back. After this has been done its time to find out who has been trying to kill you, so its off after the cult to track them down and put a stop to it. There's a twist in it here but I'm not going to mention it as it would spoil things! As you arrive in a city called 'Luskan' you hear rumours the enemy is hunting for the 'words of power'. So its off to track down the 'Words of Power' to stop the cult from getting them. Once this is done, you travel inside the source stone do battle with an enemy and return to the world as the world inside the stone implodes.


Yes its a fun game but at times it can be long and drawn out, while at others there's so much going on you don't know which way to turn or hit. As its so cheap nowadays its worth getting if you are into this sort of game as its a good basis to learn from!

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