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'fang-Toothed Big Cat' Remains Found In Cullen, Scotland

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A shocked dog walker spoke of his horror on Friday after finding the remains of a 'fang-toothed big cat' at a beauty spot.

John Robertson, 50, was walking his two dogs along a rural path when he found the remains of the beast - the size of a large dog - with huge white teeth.

And to his horror just metres away from the rotting corpse were the remains of its last meal - half a dozen mauled seagulls.

John said: "I was walking my two dogs when we came across all these dead birds scattered about everywhere.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. I have never seen so many dead birds in one area. They were completely mauled, they had their guts totally ripped out of them lying on the ground.



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Well it seems that at least some evidence has been found this year to prove that some large cats are out in the wild in the UK.

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Damn lol would seem my attempts to secretly breed sabre toothed Ligers have been discovered :/ erm i mean .....


I must confess am slightly dubious the mouth looks more dog than cat and i believe the standard person would make an assumption on feline or canine by how the tracks toes appear , unfortunately this is also an area in both families where mutation can be common , and as stated above if "the cat" had killed seagulls surely their would be a similar amount of decomposition , if i was forced to make a judgement call on the mauled birds would say a dogs (or cats) decomposing corpse would attract many omnivores , including seagulls , rooks , crows foxs , badgers and other opportunistic hunters .... on that note is a badger closer to the cat or dog ? and could you make an assessment on the state of the animals paws when decomposed in that state to determine either .... there seems to be no expert opinion given it is actually of feline persuasion just a few peoples opinions nor a follow up on what was discovered from DNA testing .


However British big cat lovers , I am certain we do have many big cats living wild in Britain after all there a wild born wallabies in the isle of man after escaping during one of our rare uk hurricanes and slowly they thrive and are discovered , natural cat stealth and roaming nature though could keep us guessing for a long long time

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