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Idiot On Facebook

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Last night I posted a statement on facebook


Well nice to see Springhill school is trying to go private, fancy giving the kids homework that can only be done on PAID software, they not heard of the freeware alternatives. No wonder the school is going downhill they trying to cater for rich people only


This then prompted a "friend" of someone on my friends list to comment


this is kevin, you dont need paid for software the files that you download are rich text files (rtf) which can be opened in even wordpad that has been in windows since xp, or you can use any of the freeware office alternatives like libraoffice (was openoffice) even available for linux, or loads of free ones even on android for tablets phones etc, I would get your facts right before you say things im an it enginereer for over 20yrs, the kids here do some of there homework that is on a acer one netbook with only 8gb storage and ubuntu os, with libraoffice which if you look this is a FREE System



Now apart from the fact he doesn't use punctuation and can't spell, he also gets things wrong. How many kids use there phones for homework ? An engineer for 20 years, i.e. he left school at 16 and suddenly he became an engineer. Gees some people believe anything.


Anyway back to him being an idiot, my next post to him


Check the download link *****. It does not show up properly in word pad. You know **** all and if I wanted a prick like you to comment I would add you as a friend as I haven't **** off posting on my page. Get your facts right *****


Now at this time I was involved in an online war with other players and was typing this off my Iphone as I couldn't afford to leave the war I was in. You will notice no spelling mistakes but alot of swear words, people like him piss me right off using other peoples facebook account to try and look good. Now I had downloaded the link into wordpad (default on many systems), this gave out alot of encrypted crap before supplying the page we wanted, due to the encrypted part I can't be sure the homework was in one piece. So I used "Open Office" the most used free office software out there. I was able to open the page no problem after a using a few tricks I know, but these wouldn't have been the thing an average person would know how to do, as my wife admitted too. His response to my comment was


again its kevin, dont call me a ***** was just correcting you, as you said the files are word format which is incorrect, offical Microsoft word files are either doc, upto office 2003, then docx upto now, rtf can be opened in other programs ie wordpad yes some formatting may not be right, but will still be usable, again there are free ones like libra office, at the end of the day mate i make a living out of this sarah just asked my view on this so i commented, I am sorry that you dont know what you are on about, well ms office home and student is about 80-90 which incs a licence for 3 pc's which is not bad and even if was word format this IS Industry standard format not matter what sector you work in. Kevin 'kevinsimon-coúk' Simon I WAS ONLY TRYING TO HELP YOU OUT, but dont be a ***** YOURSELF


Yet again a lack of correct spelling, his "software" must be real good to miss all these, now he says I said the files in word "format" yet I have not mentioned a format at all ? Think he's getting confused a bit there. He agrees that the formatting is off on wordpad ( Amazing I was right), then goes on to explain the different formats you can get text documents in, again for what reason I do not know. He makes a living he says out of this sort of thing, if you was to look at these posts would you employ him to make a website for you? As you can see I don't know what I'm on about .... this website must have made itself I think..... then he goes on to speak about PAID software that I was complaining about in the first place, he just proves my point for me. You will also notice he adds his "business" link into the post so anyone reading my facebook will be able to see it. Damn shame those into computers on my facebook account know more then him.



Again ***** **** off. I do know what I'm doing. So yes ***** **** off. If I wanted help I would have asked instead of making a statement. But then you to thick to understand the difference. So go do 1 *****. Before you hurt yourself


My parting shot to him, he doesn't comment again but his "GF" does comment about how she was trying to help and how my wife has lots of advice from her. All a pile of **** but then its what you expect, they love the school and don't like hearing the truth from other people.


Please visit "Kevin's" website, but no laughing at the spelling mistakes or the way he loses the thread of the sentence he's typing. Please read the second line, this was taken direct from his "Business" site.




Now in this next shot if anyone can understand the sentence please reply to this topic as I'm really not sure what he's on about.



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