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Cannock Chase And The Spooky Demonic Ghost Dog

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The Chase’s latest paranormal resident - the fabled Hellhound - has proved a hit all across the world with websites as far afield as the United States chronicling its history.

Last week it was revealed the forest land had a rich history of spooky encounters with the demonic dog, which is believed to be a portent of doom.

The hound, also known as the ‘ghost dog of Brereton’, has been seen on numerous occasions stalking the roads leading into Cannock and Huntington.

And such is the interest in the story, websites such as Paranormal Nights - which runs spooky, adventure theme activities over the Chase and, American-based Creatures of Time, have all flagged our stories on the Hellhound.

Paranormal website Level Beyond has even asked visitors to the Chase to submit any spooky encounters to it them.

They write: “Over the years, Level Beyond has reported on various mysteries surrounding the English town known as Cannock Chase. Besides the alien and bigfoot references, another mysterious creature is said to roam the area: a big, black dog.”

The apparition has been described as a large dog with sharp pointed ears and strangely glowing eyes. The most prominent sightings happened in the 1970s and early 1980s.

While driving through the Chase in 1972, resident Nigel Lea described seeing a ball of light crash into the ground.

He slowed down to take a closer look and was confronted by ‘the biggest bloody dog I have ever seen’.

Within a month one of Mr Leas’ close friends died in an industrial accident, which Mr Lea believed may be connected to the dog apparition.

In January, 1985, Sylvia Everett described a strange misty figure moving across the road as she and her husband drove on a warm and clear summer night. Although they could not explain the incident, Mrs Everett believed that it may have been connected to the dog-lore of Brereton.


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This is an article from 31-03-2009, there have been stories of ghosts on the chase for as long as I can remember so this one doesn't surprise me at all

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http://en.wikipedia....iki/Moddey_Dhoo the moddey dhoo "the black dog" as a harbinger of death is a common manx folklore story ... many hundreds of years old ... is believed to be a resident of peel castle .... not sure whether is relevant to the cannock chase werewolf case but in manx folklore its howl is something akin to a banshees wail ... seem to remember there being many tales on them across the british isles from my teenage investigations Edited by AKA
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Is not so much they are banshee's but like them the moddey dhoo's howl was supposed to herald death or kill , according to tale the soldier encountered it in one of the many passages on night watch after many had seen it , he was recovered by his fellow guards after hearing a scream in a state of paralysis shock , a week passed without him saying a word , or getting out of sick bed , and then during the night watch a howl was heard followed by a scream , the guardsmen rushed to the soldiers sickbed where they encountered him dead , with a look of terror on his face and mouth opened in his final scream, since then seeing the moddey dhoo in passing was a portent of the death of someone close to you , hearing its howl is supposed to be the moment of their death , have not heard any tales about another face to face close encounter

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